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The Swimming pool will be closed for repairs and resurfacing between September 23rd - October 14th, 2019.

Splash Beach Bar and Grill will begin it's annual seasonal closure period on August 14th and will re-open November 1st, 2019.

Island Activities

At Hideaways Exuma:

Island Time Villas guests have access to all Resort amenities, allowing the use of all Hideaways Exuma's Resort Facilities and Amenities, Resort access offers a range of waters sports equipment, enabling guests to explore the waters of our bay and beyond.

Propel yourself along the shore or out into the harbor on a kayak, stand up paddle board, or a row boat. Just stop by the Front Desk for assistance, the friendly, helpful staff are please to get you on your way.

Especially fun for families and groups, we also offer 4-person paddle boats. A freshwater pools with water games invite lounging and kid-friendly activity any time of the day.

The occasional rainy or lazy day brings guests to the Hideaways games room, where we offer board games, ping pong, and other entertainments.

If you haven’t gotten your full workout from swimming, diving, snorkeling, kite-surfing, paddling, beach walking and exploring, then visit the fitness room.

Hobie Cat sailboat rentals are available for the more adventuresome. Reserve your sailing adventure at Hideaways Front Desk either prior to your arrival or during your stay.

Available activities include:

Swimming Pigs

Boat Rental

Bone Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Guided Kayak Adventures

Scuba Diving



Kite Surfing

Stocking Island Day trips


The World Famous Swimming Pigs


an experience of a lifetime

The Exuma island chain comprises 365 islands or cays (pronounced “keys”)—one for each day of the year. An Exuma Cays Adventure brings you to the most exciting and scenic locations.

Exuma "Home of the Swimming Pigs". Visitors are greeted by the swimming pigs on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, which is home to these special creatures. The swimming pigs join the vast selection of aquatic activities already popular with visitors to The Bahamas, from snorkelling with tropical fish and sea turtles to shark and eel sightings to scuba diving.

Your full day will begin as you leave the main island of Great Exuma aboard boat and traverse pristine tropical waters. Celebrity watchers may note the cays owned by Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

But the real notables are the wildlife. You will view colorful birds, star fish, large iguanas and even have the opportunity to swim with the sharks at Compass Cay.

Snorkel at Thunderball Grotto—used for the James Bond movie that bears its name—where dozens of species of fish encircle you in beauty.

The all-inclusive trip includes boat transportation, guided activities, and a lunch of island cuisine.


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•             Aquaquest Escapes - 

•             Thompsons Paradise Tours - 

Boat Rental

Be your own captain

Perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy the waters surrounding Great Exuma is with your own boat, finding tropical tiki bars or secluded islands, whichever you prefer. Minn's Watersports offers daily and weekly rentals

The Caribbean’s largest natural protected port, Elizabeth Harbor is often placid and always easy to navigate. You’re never out of sight of land and only moments from beautiful reefs, white sand beaches, and waterfront dining and entertainment.

Boston Whalers in lengths of 15, 17 and 22 feet are available. Friendly staff can help acquaint the novice boater with the vessel’s operation, as well as direct you to the best local spots reachable by water.

Start your exploration of Elizabeth Habour’s beautiful underwater environment now! This interactive Google Earth map shows the locations where mooring buoys are available for you to use when visiting the most popular snorkeling sites by small boat. Click on the yellow moorings for more information about each snorkeling spot like what you can see there, best tide and weather conditions for visiting, and interesting facts. Also on the map, you will find red markers that show the locations and contact information for the local businesses that support the maintenance of the snorkeling buoys. Enjoy!  Interactive snorkeling buoy map

Look at me, I'm the Captain now.

  - Muse (Captain Phillips, 2013)


Bone Fishing


A challenge like no other

Bonefish offer anglers some of the most exciting action available on a hook, and the varied sand flats of the Exumas boast many of the world’s best bonefishing locations.

Enthusiasts enjoy fishing from small boats or wading into the shallows with a narrow rod and fly lure. The catch requires stalking skill, a well-placed cast, and the utmost finesse to land a fish known for spectacular runs. But it delivers a challenge and fight like no other.

For beginners, an experienced guide can help you learn the fine art of bonefishing. And even experts can benefit from the local knowledge to find the spots where constant action is the norm.

Exuma Bonefishing Guide -
Exuma Bonefish -
Exuma Bonefishing -

Deep Sea Fishing

gone fishing

The Exuma Sound to Long Island and beyond are rich in large fish species, perfect for sport fishing or just landing a fresh meal. Seek mahi mahi (dorado), wahoo and tuna where the islands drop off to the depths. Big game fishermen will enjoy the battle with any of our local captained charters.

Local guides will take you where the action is and help you land a catch worth remembering.

Exuma Cays Adventures

Fish Rowe Charters

Roberts Island Adventures


Guided Kayak Adventures


next stop adventure

Set forth on turquoise blue waters, where the only sounds you’ll hear are the gentle lapping of waves against sandy beaches and the rhythmic splash of your paddle.

Pass through the territories of turtles and dolphins. Hover above colorful coral structures in one of the most beautiful locations in the Bahamas, a site so precious it is in the process of becoming a National Land & Sea Park.

Guided tours welcome kayakers of any experience level. All equipment is provided.

Out Island Explorers

Scuba Diving

want to join the scuba squad?

Dive Exuma has earned the prestigious PADI 5 Star Dive Resort status and provides the ultimate experience in which safety and service are the top priorities. From beginner scuba discovery courses to more advanced 1- and 2-tank excursions, plentiful options exist for divers of every skill level.


Resort Discover Scuba—The first step for a new diver is the pool. An experienced instructor will acquaint you with the scuba equipment. Then you’ll take your first breaths underwater, gaining comfort and confidence in your new skills.

Open Water Discover Scuba Diving—With pool-based training complete, you’re ready to experience the thrill of breathing in the ocean. Paired with your instructor, you’ll explore placid waters off Stocking Island where beautiful reefs and colorful varieties of fish, turtles, and other sea life are on view.


Explore a variety of reef structures and underwater habitats with Dive Exuma’s standard 1- and 2-tank dive trips. Specialty dives are also available by request and can encompass:

Blue hole explorations—The Bahamas is home to the worlds’ only tidal blue holes in the world, underwater caves so called because of their dark blue coloration when viewed from above. Dive trips can explore Crab Cay Crevasse, Angelfish Blue Hole, and Mystery Cave, famous for a Jacques Cousteau exploration that proved its link to an inland blue hole. Horse-eye jacks, humpheaded parrotfish, snappers, Atlantic spadefish, eagle rays, turtles, and other sea life are routinely present.

Wrecks-Venture out to the Comberback Wreck, a 110-foot sunken freighter located between Long Island and Conception Island. Or stay closer to home at the “The Tug,” which was sunk in 2005 to create an artificial reef. Sponges and corals have now encrusted the tug and it houses Nassau grouper, Caribbean spiny lobster, and a green moray eel. Schools of horse-eye and bar jacks, barracuda, blue chromis, parrotfish, spotted drums, French grunts, and schoolmasters are regularly glimpsed, with permit and mackerel making less frequent appearances.

If you want to be in the Scuba Squad,

you have to be smart.

    - Scuba Steve (Big Daddy, 1999)




a sight to behold

You don't need scuba gear to see some of the best coral structures and most spectacular undersea life in the Bahamas.

The waters surrounding Great Exuma are known for shallow reefs—many under 20 feet—that are easily accessible by snorkelers.

With only mask, snorkel, and fins, you’ll see brain coral, towering stag coral, purple sea fans, colorful parrot fish, red starfish, and much more.

Equipment is provided and trips are appropriate for individuals of any skill level.

Start your exploration of Elizabeth Harbour's beautiful underwater environment now! This interactive Google Earth map shows the locations where mooring buoys are available for you to use when visiting the most popular snorkeling sites by small boat. Click on the yellow moorings for more information about each snorkeling spot like what you can see there, best tide and weather conditions for visiting, and interesting facts. Also on the map, you will find red markers that show the locations and contact information for the local businesses that support the maintenance of the snorkeling buoys. Enjoy!

Out Island Explorers

Dive Exuma


let's par-tee!

Located approximately 14 miles from Hideaways Exuma, at Sandals Emerald Bay is an 18-hole championship golf course, designed by golf legend Greg Norman.

Six signature holes hug the perimeter of Emerald Bay’s scenic peninsula, providing unparalleled vistas along the turquoise water. The final holes are on a rocky peninsula that not only provide challenges to golfers, but offer spectacular views of the ocean.

Tee times are available from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m., times may vary depending on daylight hours. Clubs and shoes are available for rent from the Pro Shop. The club also provides a driving range.

Tee time arrangements can be made through our Concierge Service by calling toll free 1-888-396-0606

or direct 1-242-336-2787 or by emailing


Kite Surfing


An adrenaline pumping ride

A relative newcomer to water sports, kite boarding has catapulted in popularity. Ride a combination of wind and surf as you speed across protected waters or challenge yourself against rolling waves.

Beginner’s packages will teach you kite handling and introduce you to the board in comfortable conditions, while more experienced kite surfers can try in-harbor or ocean experiences.

Strong wind conditions are common—essentially guaranteeing an adrenaline-pumping ride during your vacation.

Exuma Kite Surfing


Stocking Island Day Trips

explore your way

Across Elizabeth Harbor from Hideaways at Palm Bay is Stocking Island, where restaurants, sand volleyball courts, and secluded ocean and bayside beaches greet visitors.

Try St. Francis Restaurant, where a captivating harbor view of sailboats and blue water comes with every meal on their deck.

The Sunday pig roast at Chat N Chill is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Trips can be made via water taxi, and guided tours with beach outings and other activities are available.


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